With our partner company Helidesa, we provide service throughout the national territory with cutting-edge technology, highly trained personnel committed to your needs to provide maintenance services in a safe, efficient and timely manner

• Helidesa is a company dedicated to providing corrective and preventive maintenance services for aircraft.
• Has the knowledge to deal with minor modifications; and proven ability to install accessories and components according to maintenance manuals.
 • We execute rigorous testing protocols thanks to our modern technical infra
 • We are also empowered to make modifications to an important series of aircraft structures.


We offer maintenance services to Caravan and Cirrus, also, through you can find rental services in our Caravan C208 with a Capacity of 10 Passengers


We offer maintenance services to helicopter brands such as BELL, Airbus and LEONARDO. Also, through you can find rental services in our A119, unique in Panama with a capacity of 7 passengers.

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